Corrosion-Resistance Reports and White Papers

Reinforcing Steel Comparative Durability Assessment and 100 year Service Life,  Cost Analysis Report – Tourney Consulting Group, LLC – June 2016

A Critical Review of Corrosion Performance for Epoxy-Coated and Select Corrosion Resistant Reinforcements in Concrete Exposed to Chlorides – W. Hartt, Prof. Emeritus Florida Atlantic Univ. – April 2011

Critical Chloride Corrosion Threshold of Galvanized Reinforcing Bars – ACI Material Journal -Technical Paper M106-M22—March-April 2010 – D. Darwin, J. Browning et. al.

The Use of Corrosion Resistant Reinforcement as a Sustainable Technology for Bridge Deck Construction – TRB Annual Meeting 2010 Paper #10-2214 – January 2010 – A. Moruza, S. Sharp

Laboratory Study of Corrosion Performance of Different Reinforcing Steels for Use in Concrete StructuresNational Research Council of Canada – Research Report IRC-RR-284 – J. Zhang, S. Qian, B. Baldock – September 2009

Field Comparison of the Installation and Cost of Placement of Epoxy-Coated and MMFX 2 Steel Deck Reinforcement:  Establishing a Baseline for Future Deck Monitoring – S. Sharp, A. Moruza – VTRC 09-R9 – May 2009

Risk of Macro-Cell Corrosion Associated with Black Bar – MMFX2 (ASTM A1035) Combinations in Concrete –  W. H. Hartt – Hartt and Associates, Inc. – May, 2009

Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Reinforced Concrete – FHWA HRT 09-020 – W. Hartt, R. Powers, P. Virmani et. al – May 2009

Effect of Concrete Crack Width on Corrosion of Embedded Reinforcement – W. H. Hartt – Hartt and Associates, Inc. – March, 2009

Concrete and Steel Type Influence on Probabilistic Corrosion Service LifeG. Williamson, R. Weyers, et. al. – ACI Materials Journal V. 106, No. I, January-February 2009

Electrochemical and in-situ SERS study of passive film characteristics and corrosion performance of microcomposite steel in simulated concrete pore solutions” – University of California Berkeley (UCB) – M. Mancio, G. Kusinski, et. al. – March 2008 (104 pages).

Comparative Corrosion Testing and Analysis of MMFX 2 Rebars for Reinforced Concrete Applications” – Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. – Final Report WJE No. 2003.0707.0 – F. Cui, P. Krauss, et. al – January 2008

Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Reinforced Concrete – FHWA-HRT-07-039  – W. Hartt, R. Powers et. al. – July 2007 (135 pages).

Laboratory Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of Steel Dowels in Concrete Pavement – Final Report UCPRC-RR-2005-10 – FHWA No S/CA/RI-2006/27 – Mauricio Mancio, John Harvey, PhD et al.- Pavement Research Center – UC Berkeley and Davis  – January 2007 (127 pages):

Comparative Performance of MMFX Microcomposite Reinforcing Steel and Other Types of Steel with Respect to Corrosion Resistance and Service Life Prediction in Reinforced Concrete Structures” – Dr. D. R. Morgan – AMEC Earth & Environmental – June 2006

Summary Report on the Performance of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Steel in Virginia  Richard E. Weyers,  Michael M. Sprinkel , Michael C. Brown , – VTRC Report 06-R29 – June 2006 (37 pages):

Surface Condition Effects on Critical Chloride Threshold of Steel Reinforcement” – D. Trejo, R. Pillai – ACI Materials Journal  102- M12 – March – April 2005