ChrōmX 4000 Series


ChrōmX 4000 Series

ChrōmX 4000 Series (ChrōmX 4100 and 4120) concrete reinforcing steels provide the perfect blend of high strength and corrosion protection offering both value and quality to customers. With yield strengths of 100 ksi and 120 ksi, the products allow for the reduction of up to 40% less reinforcing steel. This means engineers can solve difficult rebar congestion problems, while owners and contractors realize significant up front construction cost and time savings.

In addition, ChrōmX 4000 steels provide corrosion protection of more than twice that of standard black bar, extending service lives of concrete structures to 40 to 60 years, depending on the specific application and design. Its uncoated corrosion protection means no additional cost from special handling, coating inspection and repair.


The unique formulation of ChrōmX 4000 Series reinforcing steel achieves the 100 and 120 ksi yield strengths of the ASTM A1035 specification, while maintaining excellent ductility and tensile-to-yield ratios above 1.25. The design guidance for using high strength steels up to 100 ksi yield within the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, as well as ACI ITG-6R, ICC-ES AC429 and ICC-ES ESR-2107 allows engineers to design bridges and other concrete structures with Grade 100 steel.

Utilizing the high strength properties of ChrōmX 4000 steel can lower initial material costs, solve rebar congestion issues and save construction time and labor costs, by:
• Reducing Steel and Concrete Volumes
• Improving Concrete Pouring Efficiencies
• Lowering Rebar Placing Costs
• Reducing Placing Time
• Lowering Cage Weights
• Saving on Couplers
• Improving Jobsite Transit, Storage and Logistics

Corrosion Protection: 40 – 60 Years of Service Life
ChrōmX 4000 reinforcing steels offer corrosion protection to provide 40 to 60 years of service life, depending on the specific application and design for the concrete structure. ChrōmX 4100 and 4120 can be used in moderate corrosive environments or projects with this mid-range service life requirement. This competitively priced product provides designers the flexibility to efficiently design the structure to best match the owner’s needs.

Smart Money – Life Cycle Cost
Prudent owners and experienced design and construction professionals look at more than just the initial cost of materials when deciding on the best reinforcing steel options. Using life cycle cost analyses, many public agencies and private owners have found that using better materials, such as ChrōmX 4000 rebar, can save them millions of dollars in future maintenance and rehabilitation costs when compared to standard or epoxy coated rebar. It does not take a lifetime to realize these savings. The benefits of ChrōmX 4000 are realized in the first 20-30 years when repairs would be required if traditional rebar products were used.

No Special Handling Requirements
Uncoated ChrōmX 4000 provides all of its corrosion protection benefits without the labor intensive special handling requirements, field coating inspections and repairs, or special fabrication needs of coated rebar. The ductile high strength nature of ChrōmX 4000 steels allows the rebar to be cut and bent using standard fabrication equipment and accepted industry practices.

ChrōmX 4000 steels feature all the ease of construction found in standard grade black bar – with all the benefits and superior performance of a technically advanced product.

Specifying ChrōmX 4000 Rebar Series:
ASTM A1035 CM Grade 100 or 120
UNS Code: K42050 Alloy Steel (CM)

The ChrōmX Family
ChrōmX 4000 Series, together with ChrōmX 2000 and 9000 steels, provide high strength with varying levels of corrosion resistance, so designers can utilize the high strength efficiencies and best match the corrosion protection requirements of a given project. All three ChrōmX steel grades can be used together to build quality structures most efficiently.