Manufactured primarily from recycled scrap, ChrōmX 9100®, formerly MMFX2 rebar can be found in the world’s best-engineered construction projects. Since 2002, this revolutionary steel product has been specified in public infrastructure and public / private development projects throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East.

ChrōmX 9100 (ASTM A1035/ AASHTO MP 18) rebar is appropriate for use as concrete reinforcement in commercial, industrial, utilities, waterways, transportation and other reinforced concrete applications, including:

  • Buildings (piles, foundations, slabs, beams, columns)
  • Bridges (decks, girders, columns, abutments)
  • Retaining walls, marine facilities (docks, piers, fenders, etc.)
  • Pavement (dowel bars and lane tie bars)
  • Cast-in-place and precast reinforced concrete members.

For a more comprehensive look at the MMFX project portfolio –  including regulatory and industry approvals please see MMFX Product Applications, and for technical information  click here to visit our Technical Support page.