CAP Steel Produces ChrōmX® 9100 Rebar for South American Market

IRVINE, Calif. — September 27, 2016 — CAP Steel at its Huachipato Plant in Talcahuano, Chile has produced its first heat of ChrōmX® 9100, a high-strength, corrosion-resistant concrete reinforcing steel based on the nanotechnology of MMFX Technologies Corporation.

ChrōmX 9100 rebar provides over 690 MPa yield strength and 1050 MPa ultimate tensile, allowing for efficient high-strength construction designs. In addition, ChrōmX 9100 rebar has proven to be five times more corrosion resistant than standard black bar, which extends the service life and lowers costs over the life of the structure.

“MMFX expands the geographic global markets we serve through partnering,” said Michael W. Pompay, President of MMFX Technologies Corporation. “The establishment of our production partnership with CAP Steel will help us serve Chile and surrounding countries, as well as grow sales of ChrōmX rebar with the help of our marketing partner, Broom Group S.A.”

CAP Steel plans to produce MMFX’s full series of high-strength steel products (ChrōmX 9000, 4000 and 2000) with yield strengths in excess of 690 MPa that provide varying levels of corrosion resistance. “By utilizing these materials, designers can take advantage of the high strength efficiencies and match the appropriate corrosion resistance for the targeted service life”, said Ernesto Escobar, CEO of CAP Steel. “This new steel technology available in the South American countries for the first time, will enable infrastructure to deliver over 100 years of service life in the most cost–efficient way.”

Corrosion in reinforced concrete structures is a significant problem in Chile, given the country’s expansive coastal marine environment and the corrosive soils of the Atacama Desert where a significant share of the mining industry is located. The high and medium corrosion-resistance of ChrōmX 9100 and 4100, respectively, will provide longevity to Chile’s infrastructure, including bridges, tunnels, mining ducts, ports, piers, dams, mining tailings infrastructure and desalinization plants. In addition, the Chilean mining industry is actively seeking technologies such as ChrōmX rebar for cost reduction in infrastructure projects.

“Cost-effective infrastructure is a must in Chile and in the whole Latin American region nowadays, and we’re convinced that MMFX’s steel technology will play a key role in the near future large infrastructure projects” said Andrés Núñez, CEO of Broom Group S.A., MMFX’s marketing partner in South America.

The ASTM A1035 standard under which ChrōmX is sold in North America is in the process of being adopted into the Chilean’s Instituto Nacional de Normalizacion (INN) standard.

MMFX, along with, Broom Group S.A. and CAP Steel are now poised to market and sell ChrōmX concrete reinforcing steels in Chile, as well as other South American countries.


About MMFX Technologies Corporation

MMFX® Technologies Corporation is a global specialty steel company that has removed long-standing limitations faced by structural engineers and the construction industry by introducing its ChrōmX® brand high strength concrete reinforcing steel products with varying levels of corrosion resistance, so designers can utilize the high strength efficiencies and best match the corrosion protection requirements of a given project. In conjunction with its industry partners and OEM manufacturers, MMFX continues to develop and deliver additional steel products utilizing the MMFX nanotechnology to the market, such as thread bar, anchor bolts and couplers.

About CAP Steel

CAP Steel, leader in the Chilean market and the only integrated steel company in Chile, produces cast iron through the reduction of iron ore in blast furnaces. It then transforms the cast iron into liquid steel in the steel mill to obtain continued rolled slabs and plates, which it later rolls for market delivery of higher added-value products such as bars for concrete, bars for mineral grinding, and wire rod for wire drawing. CAP produces bar in the standard size range of 6 to 36 mm.

About Broom Group S.A.

Established in 1920, Broom Group is a shipping and logistics company based in Santiago, Chile with significant operations throughout South, Central and North America, Central Europe and Asia, offering agency and logistics services. Broom Group has built a reputation of providing first quality service throughout its long and rich history. In addition, Broom’s Innovation Division, leverages its strong presence by growing through partnering and the representation of innovative products and services that solve challenges within the industries in which Broom Group operates.

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