High Strength, Corrosion Resistant LENTON A32K Couplers From Pentair Are Designed for Use With ChrōmX® Reinforcing Steel

IRVINE, Calif. — October 18, 2016 — Adding to the list of high strength couplers available for 100 ksi designs, Pentair recently launched its LENTON A32K series high strength and corrosion resistant couplers made from ChrōmX® 9000 series steel. The LENTON coupler provides ductility, high strength and corrosion resistance for concrete construction and is designed for use with ASTM A1035 concrete reinforcing bars, such as ChrōmX 2000, 4000 and 9000 rebar.

The performance of the spliced connection using the new LENTON line of A32K standard high strength couplers is designed to meet the specified ultimate tensile strength of 150 ksi (1030 MPa) for ASTM A1035 Grade 100 rebar. High strength construction designs utilizing this coupled system allow for less steel, less concrete and many other construction efficiencies, leading to drastic cost savings. Adding to the efficiencies is the LENTON A32K coupler’s slim design that allows for quicker and easier installation, as well as reduced concrete cover compared to other high strength couplers.

“Pentair has advanced high strength couplers with their introduction of LENTON A32K made from ChrōmX 9000 series steel,” said Tom Russo, CEO of MMFX Technologies Corporation, maker of ChrōmX rebar. “They [Pentair] have thinned the coupler design for ease of installation while still providing high strength performance.”

Made from corrosion resistant ChrōmX 9000 series steel, Pentair’s LENTON A32K couplers also provide superior corrosion protection allowing over 100-year service life in concrete and reduced life cycle costs. Utilizing the corrosion resistance coupled system combining LENTON A32K couplers and ChrōmX rebar can also allow for further efficiencies, such as reducing concrete cover thickness.

For more information about LENTON A32K couplers, please click here. For information about MMFX steel products, please visit www.mmfx.com and see Rebar Splicing Solutions.


About MMFX Technologies Corporation

MMFX® Steel Corporation is a global specialty steel company that has removed long-standing limitations faced by structural engineers and the construction industry by introducing its ChrōmX® brand high strength concrete reinforcing steel products with varying levels of corrosion resistance, so designers can utilize the high strength efficiencies and best match the corrosion protection requirements of a given project. In conjunction with its industry partners and OEM manufacturers, MMFX continues to develop and deliver additional steel products utilizing the MMFX nanotechnology to the market, such as thread bar, anchor bolts and couplers.



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