MMFX Steel Corporation of America Appoints New Vice President of Sales and Marketing to Support Growth of Industry Demand

IRVINE, Calif. — June 5, 2014 — MMFX® Steel Corporation of America ( has appointed Kevin McKown as the new vice president of sales and marketing. McKown will be responsible for the growth of acceptance, use and marketing of MMFX products throughout North America.

“Kevin’s experience in sales and marketing of specialty steel products and his knowledge of effective sales management systems is a benefit to our customers,” said Tom Russo, MMFX Steel Corporation of America CEO. “It is important for our customers to have a knowledgeable industry source to provide solutions, and Kevin will fill that need.”

With the growing need for uncoated corrosion-resistant and high-strength reinforcing steel, MMFX is in a unique position to deliver through the use of MMFX2® and the newly developed ChromX™ 4100 line of steel. These products provide solutions to extend the life-cycle of design projects or to lower construction costs through the use of Grade 100 reinforcing steel.

Before coming to MMFX, McKown developed his technical sales and marketing acumen over 25 years in the specialty steel and manufacturing industries. Starting his career as a sales engineer at Flowserve, he progressed to management positions of increasing responsibility such as product marketing manager, program director and general manager. McKown later served as general manager for several companies including Scheu Steel, Jacquet Metal Services, Curtis Wright and Crane Company. Throughout his career, McKown has driven growth through sales management, business development and educating customers on the advantages of technical products.

McKown has an MBA from the University of South Carolina and a Bachelor of Science degree from Allegheny College.

About MMFX Steel Corporation of America

MMFX Steel Corporation (“MMFX Steel”) is an operating subsidiary of MMFX Technologies Corporation and is based in Irvine, California MMFX Steel markets and sells high-strength steel products, such as ChromX™ 4100, and its popular high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel, MMFX2 rebar. MMFX2 rebar has been independently proven to be five times more corrosion-resistant than and up to two times as strong as conventional steel. Sold under the specifications ASTM A1035 Grades 100 and 120, these high-strength, corrosion-resistant steels are used in bridges and highway systems, high-rise buildings, sea walls, ports, marinas and numerous commercial/industrial applications.

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