MMFX Steel Corporation Named as a Finalist for American Metal Market’s Annual Awards for Steel Excellence

IRVINE, Calif. — May 14, 2014 — MMFX® Steel Corporation of America ( has been named as a finalist for American Metal Market’s (AMM) Annual Awards for Steel Excellence. MMFX was nominated in the “Best Innovation – Product” category for their development of the high-strength reinforcing steel, ChrōmX 4100.

After a record number of nominations, a panel of judges narrowed down the finalists in 14 award categories, ultimately naming MMFX as one of five companies as a finalist for the “Best Innovation – Product” category. Winners will be announced at AMM’s Annual Steel Awards Dinner on June 17 at the Edison Ballroom in New York City.

“We are honored to have ChromX 4100 recognized as a finalist for the Awards for Steel Excellence,” said Tom Russo, MMFX Steel Corporation of America CEO. “MMFX developed ChrōmX 4100 specifically to meet the growing demand for reasonably priced high-strength reinforcing steels for large construction projects when high corrosion resistance is not required.”

ChrōmX 4100 features a 100 ksi yield strength, and design engineers can specify ChrōmX 4100 as ASTM A1035 with a modified chemistry. By specifying ChrōmX 4100 designers can solve costly rebar congestion problems and developers can complete structures more quickly and efficiently, resulting in substantial savings.

This high-strength rebar allows structures to be designed and built with up to 40 percent less steel, resulting in up to 60 percent cost savings in steel fabrication and placement labor, among other construction efficiencies. MMFX introduced ChrōmX 4100 at a lower cost than its popular more corrosion-resistant MMFX2® rebar in order to meet the market’s need for high-strength steels when corrosion is less of an issue, such as in the high-rise commercial market.

The unique steel technology used in the manufacture of ChrōmX 4100 results in a low-carbon martensitic steel microstructure with high ductility. Unlike common carbon steel rebar, which loses ductility as strength is increased, ChrōmX 4100 maintains excellent ductility and can be fabricated like conventional reinforcing steel.

Grade 100 ChrōmX 4100 steel is available in various sizes of reinforcing steel (rebar), smooth rounds and flats. It is sold in North and South America by MMFX Steel Corporation of America and in the Middle East by MMFX Steel DMCC.

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About MMFX Steel Corporation of America

MMFX Steel Corporation (“MMFX Steel”) is an operating subsidiary of MMFX Technologies Corporation and is based in Irvine, Calif. MMFX Steel markets and sells high-strength steel products, such as ChrōmX 4100, and its popular high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel, MMFX2® rebar. MMFX2® rebar has been independently proven to be five times more corrosion-resistant than and up to two times as strong as conventional steel. Sold under the specifications ASTM A1035 Grades 100 and 120, these high-strength, corrosion-resistant steels are used in bridges and highway systems, high-rise buildings, sea walls, ports, marinas and numerous commercial/industrial applications.

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