MMFX Steel Introduces Low-Cost, High-Strength ChromX® 2100

IRVINE, Calif. — December 16, 2014 — MMFX Steel Corporation has introduced its latest high-strength reinforcing steel, ChromX® 2100, featuring 100 ksi yield strength at a low cost. This new product is ideal for construction projects in which high-strength designs reduce the amount of steel used, improving constructability, reducing construction time and first costs for the owner.

New ChromX 2100 joins MMFX ChromX 9000 and 4000 Series reinforcing steel products, which include ChromX 9100 (Grade 100), ChromX 9120 (Grade 120), ChromX 4100 (Grade 100) and ChromX 4120 (Grade 120) rebar sold under the ASTM A1035 specification. The ChromX 9000 Series was recently rebranded from the popular MMFX2® concrete reinforcing steels.

ChromX 2100 has mechanical properties similar to high-strength ASTM A1035 reinforcing steels and is based on the innovative technology used to manufacture the high-strength and uncoated, corrosion-resistant ChromX 9000 and 4000 reinforcing steels. Through the modified chemistry of ChromX 2100, MMFX can offer reinforcing steel optimized to fulfill the needs of high-strength steel applications when high corrosion resistance is not required.

“ChromX 2100 offers another option for 100 ksi steel as a cost-effective high-strength steel solution for engineers and project managers and complements our reinforcing steel product line,” said Tom Russo, MMFX Steel Corporation CEO. “By introducing a reduced-cost, high-strength 100 ksi steel, a project can see up-front construction cost savings by using less steel, as well as labor cost reductions associated with rebar fabrication and placing.”

By specifying high-strength steels, designers can solve costly rebar congestion problems and developers can complete structures more quickly, resulting in substantial savings. Grade 100 ChromX 2100 high-strength rebar allows structures to be designed and built with up to 40 percent less steel. Additional cost reductions of up to 60 percent can be achieved through lower steel fabrication and placement costs, as well as other efficiencies in construction design.

The unique steel technology used in the manufacture of ChromX 2100 produces a high-strength steel with excellent ductility and tensile to yield ratio. These properties allow for the application of high strength steel efficiencies using the same standard industry handling and fabrication practices employed for conventional reinforcing steel, including the use of standard fabrication equipment.

Grade 100 ChromX 2100 steel is available in all industry standard sizes of reinforcing steel (rebar). It is sold in North and South America by MMFX Steel Corporation of America and in the Middle East by MMFX Steel DMCC.

About MMFX Steel Corporation of America

MMFX® Steel Corporation (“MMFX Steel”) specializes in high-strength steel products with varying levels of corrosion resistance, so designers can utilize the high-strength efficiencies and best match the corrosion protection requirements of the structure. MMFX Steel ChromX® 9000 Series rebar combines high-strength (Grades 100 and 120) with high corrosion resistance. Its ChromX 4000 Series rebar provides the same mechanical properties with mid-level corrosion protection. ChromX 2100 (Grade 100) offers an additional lower cost alternative high-strength steel option. Sold under the specifications ASTM A1035, these high-strength, corrosion-resistant steels are used in bridges and highway systems, high-rise buildings, sea walls, ports, marinas and numerous commercial/industrial applications.

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