MMFX Supplier Star Steel Receives Dubai Central Laboratory Certification for ChrōmX ASTM A1035 Steel

IRVINE, Calif. — May 25, 2016 — MMFX steel producer Star Steel International LLC in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has received Dubai Central Laboratory Department (DCLD) Certification to produce and supply ChrōmX® ASTM A1035 rebar in the Emirates of Dubai market. Included in the certification is MMFX’s ChrōmX Grade 100 reinforcing steel for concrete structural design in 10 to 40 mm diameter sizes and CL, CM and CS steel alloy grades.

MMFX offers a series of high-strength steel products with yield strengths in excess of 690 MPa (100 ksi) that also provide varying levels of corrosion resistance. By utilizing these materials, designers can take advantage of the high strength efficiencies and match the appropriate corrosion resistance for the targeted service life of the structure. MMFX’s ChrōmX concrete reinforcing steel (rebar) products can now be specified for concrete construction projects in Dubai.

“The DCLD Certification is specific to Star Steel International production of ASTM A1035 rebar. The certification is required for products sold into Dubai or used in Dubai projects,”  Salem Faza, President of MMFX Steel DMCC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates said. “Obtaining the certification involved full commercial production of a range of rebar diameter sizes and independent Dubai Central Laboratory Department testing of the rebar produced. The qualifying product is identified by bar deformation with the Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) certified product conformity mark.”

“We’re pleased by the news of the DCLD certification of MMFX steel products,” said MMFX Technologies Chief Executive Officer Thomas Russo. “The certification of MMFX steel produced by Star Steel International now opens the Dubai market for MMFX’s ChrōmX rebar, representing our continued sales expansion in the Middle East. Dubai has tremendous growth plans for its infrastructure and the metropolis, and with its corrosive environment and soils will benefit from both the high strength and corrosion resistance of ChrōmX rebar. DCLD Certification, while not a requirement in other regions, is a recognized mark of product specification quality.”

Under the terms of the certification of product conformity of the Dubai Central Laboratory Department of Dubai Municipality, MMFX and ChrōmX ASTM A1035 steel will now be included in a DCL website list of DCLD certified products at The certificate number is CL16020331.

About MMFX Steel DMCC

A Dubai Multi-Commodity Center corporation, MMFX® Steel DMCC, a subsidiary of MMFX Technologies Corporation, markets and sells ChrōmX® brand high strength concrete reinforcing steel products with varying levels of corrosion resistance throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Utilizing the ChrōmX products designers can design for high strength efficiencies and best match the corrosion protection requirements of a given project. Applications include bridges and highway systems, high-rise buildings, seawalls, ports, as well as numerous other commercial and industrial applications.

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