Typical carbon steels form a matrix of chemically dissimilar materials – carbide and ferrite. These carbides are strong, yet brittle – immovable at the grain boundaries. In a moist environment, a battery-like effect occurs between the carbides and the ferrites that destroy the steel from the inside out. This effect (a microgalvanic cell) is the primary corrosion initiator with conventional steel.

Steel made using MMFX nanotechnology does not form these microgalvanic cells. In fact, ChrōmX 9100®, formerly MMFX2 steel products have a completely different structure at the nano or atomic scale (a lath structure resembling “plywood”). This “plywood” effect lends amazing strength, ductility, toughness and corrosion resistance.


After years of rigorous independent testing, including critical specifications and standards approvals, MMFX Steel is realizing significant sales traction due to overcoming significant barriers to market for its concrete-reinforcing steel product, ChrōmX 9100 rebar. To address growing worldwide demand, MMFX Technologies Corporation is establishing strategic relationships and seeking qualified licensees for its ChrōmX 9100 rebar product.

In addition, the Company’s technology also has applications in a wide range of product forms and licensing opportunities, such as:

  • Products
  • Rebar
  • Smooth Rounds
  • Plate
  • Sheet
  • Pipe
  • Structural Steels
  • Wire Rod

  • Geographic Markets
  • Middle East
  • China
  • European Union
  • India
  • South America
  • Russia
  • Japan

  • Public Infrastructure
  • Commercial Construction
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Oil and Gas